Mapping Bauhaus’ Influence

Mapping is one of the great areas of research in the Digital Humanities and Digital Art History. There are a variety of tools that one can use, including StoryMap JS and Google Maps. While Google Maps is a technology that countless people use in their daily lives, it is also a tool that can be used in art historical scholarship. One way that you can do this is by creating a collaborative map for those to share; you can map art museums, artists’ houses, an architect’s designs, and countless other features.

In order to play around and learn about the tool, I decided to create a map regarding the Legacy of the Bauhaus. It was created to show a variety of places related to the legacy of the Bauhaus. After the school closed in Germany in 1933, students and teachers of the school relocated to locations all over the world, illustrating the profound impact of this modern school. While I mostly focused on sites in the United States, I also included some other international examples as points of contrast. This is a work in progress, and just shows a few examples- in no way does it encapsulate the totality of architectural works related to the Bauhaus internationally.

The map includes images, descriptions, links, and videos related to the sites located on the map.

Google Map of the Legacy of the Bauhaus

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  1. Veronica, I’m happy to see that you included Bauhaus content in your digital assignment! This map was actually a really useful tool for me to help visualize the spread of Bauhaus members after the official close in 1933. I appreciate the extra information you shared about the different sites, it made it more personalized and kept my attention more than just redirecting me to websites of historical sites associated with the various places, particularly the inclusion of fun facts like one being so close to your childhood home! I wonder what other layers you may add to the map. I know each city is a layer, but I wonder if you could add in more if you were to expand the project. Could you somehow group it by site type (i.e. an architectural site, a school, etc)? Or could you group it by person? Did Gropius for example have more influence around the world? Having all buildings or schools where Gropius was in one color would make that really simple to see. I feel like you could do so much with this! Also, major props for embedding the map in the blog, I have yet to figure that out!

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